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No Smoking Policy

Here at Brook Village...
We are a Smoke Free Community! There is no smoking allowed in any building or unit. This is a recent update that has been added to our rules and regulations. We encourage a safer and healthier community. 
For all of us to more easily understand and abide by the new rule, we have provided a common language interpretation. 


Smoking is prohibited : (i) in the individual Units; (ii) within the buildings of the Brook Village Condominiums.  However, the Board of Governors have voted to permit smoking, provided this is done at least twenty feet from any building.

     ▪ This amendment pertains to all unit owners, family members, occupants, tenants, 

        guests or invitees at the Brook Village Condominium.

     .      ▪ Smoking is defined as inhaling, exhaling, breathing, vaping, carrying, or 

             possessing of any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or other product containing any 

             amount of tobacco, marijuana, so called “medical marijuana” or other similar 

             heated or lit product whether or not containing tobacco designed to be combusted 

             and inhaled, including but not limited to electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. 

          ▪ The Board of Governors, in its sole discretion, may designate (or remove from

             designation), from time to time, an outdoor area for smoking, provided the smoking 

             area(s) shall not cause secondhand smoke to drift into indoor common areas,

             exclusive use areas, or individual units.


Please see full amendment is posted below for further inquires and questions. 


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