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Moving Out Information 

You and your tenant are responsible for removing all unwanted furnishings or household items from the common area including, hallways, parking lots, and dumpster area. Dumpsters are for household trash only and should not be used for any unwanted oversize items. Recycling bins are for collecting paper, cardboard, clean plastic consumer products and food containers. Furniture dumping is not permitted and the unit owner will be fined. We suggest that owners make this information available to their tenants when they move in or out and be provided with these resources so they can leave our property responsibly. This info will also be posted on our web-site under a tab marked Moving Out Info.

Here are resources for getting rid of unwanted reusable in good repair clean furnishings and housewares 

Donation (tax deductible)

Household Goods in Acton,,

Drop off or pick-up (for a fee) is available with much advance notice. 


Good Will Industries Drop-off Trailer (Only housewares and clothing – no furniture) 

211 Sudbury Road in Concord, MA 8AM to 4PM, Mon-Sat



Tables to Teapots in West Acton,

Drop off only with an appointment in advance.



Throwaway to Landfill


Pick up for a fee

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