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Pet Policy


Except as permitted pursuant to paragraph B immediately following, no animals, birds or reptiles of any type of kind may be kept anywhere on the property at any times. Guests and lessees are NOT permitted to keep any pets at Brook Village Condominium



1.Fish and Birds. 

Unit owners may keep within their own unit those small fish usually found in home aquariums and domesticated caged birds of the canary and parakeet types. 


2. Dogs and Cats 

       (a) The keeping of a dog or cat by a unit owner may be permitted by the Board of Trustees, but such permission will not be considered unless the residence is an owner. If permission is granted by the Board of Trustees to have a dog or cat, such permission may be revoked at anytime at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees upon determination that the dog or cat is vicious, annoying to other unit owners, or has otherwise become a nuisance, or if the unit owner keeping a dog or cat violates any other condition or reservation set forth herein. A unit owner having a dog or cat assumes full liability for any damage to persons or property caused by the dog or cat. Permission to keep either a dog or cat is in the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees, and can be withheld for any reason, and must be in writing prior to the keeping of said dog or cat and the granting of such permission may only be considered if all the following conditions are met and/or maintained. 

        (b) A dog or cat must be of a size that can be comfortably transported in one's arms and must not weigh more than twenty pounds. A dog or cat must be on a leash with a person holding the leash, at all times except when in its owner's unit. No dog or cat may be curbed anywhere on landscaped or paved areas. No animal may be walked in the interior areas of the building. Dog or cat owners shall make certain that their pets refrain from barking, howling, or making other noises that may disturb other unit owners. Pet owners are responsible for removing and disposing of their pet's droppings from the common domain. 

To apply for Pet Permission, send a photo of your pet stating the weight and a commitment that you will adhere to the Brook Village Pet Policy to Brad Page, Reliable Property Management,  . You will hear back shortly as to the status of your application after the condo board review.

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