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Living In a Condo

When you purchase a condominium, you have two forms of ownership:


 You directly own the inside of your unit. This includes the walls and floors, but not the wall studs, floor joists and supporting members of the structure.

You have the choice of how you want your condo to look: floor and wall coverings, bathroom fixtures and appliances, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures and, of course, your own furnishings.  You will receive a deed for that space with your purchase. You are allowed parking for one vehicle and a guest, use of all the common area and services such as laundry room, picnic area, bike racks, recycling, and trash disposal. When you purchase a condominium, the deed and associated documents you sign essentially commit you to live in concert with the other owners and to agree to follow The Rules & Regulations of the Association. These documents assure that every resident has a right to peaceful and respectful living in their own home and community. If you have questions or concerns contact Brad Page at




 Each of the owners, owns all the other parts of the structure you live in and also the common areas.   Your monthly condo fee pays for the upkeep and replacement of all the common area elements including the roof, exterior walls, lawn, landscaping, lighting, walkways, parking lots, recycling, and property management staff. The Board of Trustees as volunteer owners are elected by the membership of the Association which oversees the property management role for the property. 

The Association and Property Manager contracts a series of vendors to perform the many services needed to maintain the lawn, plow the snow and keep the outside and common area and building systems in proper condition. We have contracts that specify what services are to be performed and also what the vendors are required to do. These protections also ensure that common funds are used productively, residents are not subject to major inconveniences and that our property values are preserved and hopefully improve over time. 



 There are restrictions such as quiet hours, pet ownership, common area tidiness requirements, fire and smoke safety devices, window replacement specifications and so on (elaborated upon in the Rules & Regulations and the Association By-Laws). However, there are many freedoms from shoveling snow, mowing lawns, painting the exterior and so on. Further, major decisions are made by the Trustees of the Association for the maximum benefit of the Brook Village Community, the general welfare of all the owners and residents, and to preserve the assets of the Trust. At times preserving the assets of the Association can be restrictive to individual desires, but necessary to maintain for the benefit of all.  

This is a brief overview of the many aspects of community life in a condominium complex.  If you are unsure of how to proceed on a matter of interest to you, please contact Brad Page, Reliable Property Management, 100 Granger Blvd., Suite #103- P.O. Box 78 Marlborough, MA 01752 508-435-1010 x1.

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